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Poles have been spinning in the pole dance for hundreds of years.

They started the tradition in Europe around the time it was invented by Dutchman Johannes van Gilder, who would travel through Europe with his wife Maria in the early 17th century. They would dance in a circle.

When the Dutchman traveled to Scotland with his wife, he stopped off at Tullow castle in Scotland, and they had a dance in the courtyard, then danced around the garden, returning to the castle the next day. That was called the “Tullow dance”.

It was believed to be a sacred dance, and it is used in Scotland to commemorate the first Christmas in the New Year.

There are various theories that can be offered about this. It could be an indication that the Dutch had been seeing a vision of Christ while on their travels and wanted to use that vision to guide their movements.

Or perhaps the Dutch wanted to move their circle around their surroundings to see what the local landscape looked like, and to make it appear to be moving in the direction of the Holy Land.

In any event, by around 1650, Dutchman Johann Baptist van Oudenaarde, who traveled in Scotland with his wife Maria in the 1620s and 1630s, began to have visions about the Holy Land and how it moved. In his vision, he saw an open path in the landscape, and said his wife followed it, until they reached a mountain.

He also mentioned seeing the city of Jerusalem as the center of the Holy Land and the mountain that surrounded the city.

There are other similar accounts.

Poles have been spinning in the pole dance since the 16th century

The history of the Irish tradition of the “Carpenter’s Chant” goes back before the Protestant Reformation when the Irish “Carpenter’s Chant” was a popular song in Ireland.

The Irish sang, “The Carpenter’s Chant I’ll Make (I’ll make it sound like) a merry Carpenter, the Carpenter’s Chant, he’s making it sound like a merry Carpenter.”

“The Carpenter’s Chant,” is a re-telling of the story of the carpenter who made the statue of Christ. His name was Henry Carpenter.

He lived around the 6th and 7th centuries in Ireland.

In the 16th century he left home to take up a trade as a carpenter.
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