How difficult is pole dancing?

It is a difficult sport, but that does not mean it is bad. It’s more like taking the “ultimate” leap, and the hardest part is always after you get your feet off the ground – you can’t get back in the air. I was the first girl to take the pole for a few minutes on a pole at the gym in Miami. She made a few moves and had a very good time on the pole. Another girl who was very good at pole dancing was on TV recently doing a pole dance on the dance floor.

What was your biggest challenge to the sport and why?

I was always an athlete at heart – but I got bored very quickly and had to turn it off for awhile. It took me a lot of time to realize it’s actually a really hard sport. But I have tried to be patient and put in some time in to learning new skills. That’s why pole dancing has been one of my main passions ever since when it first started. I always tried to keep doing it because I love it so much and I really do enjoy it.

What else should non-skiers and pole dance fan get in to?

I think it’s amazing that pole dancers are everywhere in today’s society but when you meet them face-to-face and they are just that good – they are super amazing. Everyone needs to find their way to pole dancing. I have a dance crew that includes women and men from all parts of the world, and it’s very inspiring and can really make you feel very special about being outside and doing something you love.

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Image Credits: Pole dancing by Anna Maria Gonzalez

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For a few dozen years and a long list of disappointments, The Big Bang Theory has been one of the most beloved sitcoms in all of television history and this is not surprising. As a sitcom, it was always the gold standard — in fact, it was one of the first. After all, this was the one on which the first show was born and where some of the most popular sitcom characters of all time had their origin stories (Dwight Schrute went to science, Sheldon was an engineer). And it is a show whose success is measured by its ability to captivate the masses and get them to say “I’ve never seen a sitcom as funny as this and I must, therefore, be a fan of The Big Bang