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The answer is: it depends on what you call dangerous.

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In recent years, pole dancing has been blamed for a variety of injuries. In 2006, in the case of an Australian man who died in a drunken melee at a San Francisco restaurant, the coroner ruled that the man’s pole dancing was negligent manslaughter. As a result, the California law that applies to public pole dancing now says that a person can be prosecuted for “a person’s actions in bringing someone to the ground or throwing a person to the ground by grabbing, holding or pushing someone on the ground.”

In March 2015, a 26-year-old male dancer died in the Bronx of injuries sustained during a pole dancing contest. The man got into an argument with the venue owner when he refused to leave the building, because he knew the club did not have any liquor license. A fight erupted, when the club manager and a security guard threw a punch. A spectator fell into the fray and was knocked unconscious. The man’s legs were broken, and he died of a broken neck.

The New York Times investigated the death and found that the Bronx coroner did not conduct a thorough autopsy and had not ruled out assault as a factor in the death. In fact, the report notes that if the incident had been ruled an accident, which is what the bar was originally claiming, the manager would face only a civil lawsuit, while the club could be sued.

In April 2015, a 21-year-old Ohio man died from injuries he sustained when he allegedly fell onto a pole during a pole dancing event. He’d been on stage at an event and decided to hang out after hours, but got off stage and walked into an alley. He was struck by a car; an autopsy determined that he’d suffered fractures to his back, left foot, and left elbow. His friends said the man had been “caught up in the moment” and didn’t have a grip on his pole. A criminal investigation later determined that the man was drunk, had been intoxicated throughout the evening, and had engaged a female companion in illegal pole dancing. “It is tragic that a person died unnecessarily as a result of one of these reckless events; this crime requires an exhaustive investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the event, and we encourage anyone with information to come forward,” the prosecutor said at the time, according to ABC News in Ohio.

In November 2015, a Florida man died of injuries inflicted during a pole dance contest while attending a nightclub as guests. According to The

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