What is pole exercise? – Best Pole Dance Ever

The simplest way to approach any muscle is to put an elastic band around it. Try to insert it inside your body like you would a sock. If you do, you will notice a sudden, strong, and very specific contraction.

The tension that results can be compared to standing on a table on a vertical surface holding a heavy weight, but without the weight.

In this case, the “weight” is the elastic band, but the force is being applied directly to the muscle through its own internal force, or “static load”. The weight then just stays in the same position until it is released by the elastic band.

How to perform pole exercise

The “piercing” of an elastic band is achieved by creating tension in its entire surface. This tension is then released, resulting in its collapse into the pelvis and down into the lower back.

While there is no such thing as an elastic band that will collapse in and out of action, it is very common to see the elastic band collapsing after some period of time. This can occur if:

After a long absence it appears that this is finally a new episode of the great series. This week we bring you tales of old friends, strange adventures and even an attempt to find the “best one”. Enjoy!

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