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The word Pole Exercise is very similar to the word Pole Rowing. It refers back to the original concept of the sport of rowing in ancient Greece. It is an ancient Olympic sport with the purpose of rowing against the forces of gravity in order to achieve the highest speeds possible. The sport is based largely on the balance and resistance of the body as it is propelled at the top of the shoulders and hips, through the pelvis and the legs.

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The main pole exercise is to keep the upper body in a straight line, thus extending the radius of the body, as shown in the figure. This helps to develop the core and core muscles. The body will be propelled in a direction, in our example, from the shoulder to the leg. If you wish to increase the performance you first need to develop strength and muscular body control, the core of the body. Therefore, each exercise in this pole exercise section exercises the core muscle in order to develop that strength and the flexibility of the hip, knee and ankle muscles:

What is the difference between the core and core muscles in rowers?

The central axis of a man when standing is at his shoulders, this helps to lift the arms so that they do the work. The muscles of the core muscles are found around and around the spine and on the spine and between the shoulders and hips. So you have a more complex system and one that is more effective.

Is there any difference between a Pole and other rowers?

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