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Routinely walking, running, horseback riding, or horseback riding a mare can improve your performance when you have a horse with a sore, injured or weakened pelvic or back bones. The same will give you some benefit when you are riding a horse that has damaged, soft, or overworked bones. The basic concept here is that most women will be sore from exercise or exercise training, even if they aren’t physically active. The exercise itself doesn’t cause soreness, but, as a result, you do.

A pelvic bone must be strong if a horse is to perform effectively. Some women may need to go more miles, and even longer distances than the distance they walk and ride, to build their pelvic bones. If you know that you’ll be riding a mare that hasn’t had a break, or you are looking to add on a bit of exercise to your routine, then an exercise regimen that involves walking may be the best one to start with.

Your mileage will depend on your comfort level, the speed/distance, and the type of horse you are riding. You can get around this by walking the route as outlined above, or walking or working a few miles as described below, and if the soreness still happens, continue this cycle, or continue as suggested.

If you take up mare riding, and go on a walk, you can go up to twice a week. If you are a woman, and you find that you still have the same difficulty getting past a mare you have ridden before because the saddle is sore or worn and your hips are tight, you should be sure that you are following your usual routine. You don’t want to be at the beginning of this series with nothing to improve your form.

Doing a walk around your block once a week, with a mile walk every other week, will help you gain momentum and build your muscles strength. You will still have to keep on working out, but this walk around the block will give you a more general look at your pelvic girdle so you can begin to get used to the regular exercise routine.

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It is important to know that no one can have it all. You’ll have to make choices in how you get around a mare, your fitness level, whether you are a serious fitness freak, and how often you do walking to build your back to health.

If you’re concerned about a sore butt from running or riding your mare, remember that a “b

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