Where did pole dance originated?

The pole dance evolved from the ballet dance and is known as pole dancing because of the pole and the ballet. Pole dancing was originally practiced in the northern European part of medieval Europe but spread throughout the continent.

During the Renaissance period, pole dancing was introduced to the United States and eventually spread to the rest of the world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

What’s the difference between pole dancing and the modern pole dance?

Different from modern pole dance, modern pole dance is a style of dance based on a balance of hip and knee movements during which the body is raised. When practicing the sport, it’s beneficial to start from the ground when standing.

It’s important to learn as many movement movements as possible for pole dancing to continue to grow. The most important elements that are important in pole dancing include:



Form in all the different directions

Hitting a specific spot and controlling it

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What are the basic attributes of pole dancing?

Basic attributes of pole dancing are:




Swinging and balancing

Lateral and rotational bending


Stance is a way of standing.

Stance can be defined as a physical state of sitting cross-legged, with body and arms bent at a 90 degree angle.

Stance includes the whole body which can vary by the person.

When performing a pole or aerial dance you can be leaning forward or resting body on a wall or other object.

You can also sit cross-legged, have your back against a wall, or your hips higher than your feet so you can lift your arms and shoulders up into a side or overhead position.

Another important point is that the body should work in the direction of movement and not the opposite. When you have a balance between legs moving to the left or right you have a balance which will give the dance its power.

If the body can have a balance between legs moving to the right and left, the movement will be better.

Basic Attributes of Pole dancing :

What’s the difference between a dance like pole dancing and a sports dance?

Most sports dancers practice for a variety of reasons including: