Can I learn guitar at 30? – Electric Guitar Fundamentals

Well, if you’re on the right path.

How much of a struggle is it to learn guitar?

We are so used to having an idea of how many songs you should have and how many hours you should devote to learning them. And as for learning and having fun, I don’t think either one needs a lot of improvement compared to the other one or so I’ve heard.

But you have it. So I’m curious. As a beginner, do you have any tips for me, or anyone else, when I start?

You’ve already mentioned that learning guitar should be fun, but how do you go about bringing the fun to the guitar?

The best advice I can give for beginners is a list of songs on the internet. I like to learn a lot of music in a relatively short period of time, and there are always songs out there to learn. I like to use these songs when practicing and I don’t want to waste a good chance that will lead me to find my way.

This is probably also because the songs will help to train you on some of your other skills too, like the scales or the strumming.

But how do you find the songs?

I usually search for the songs that I need to be able to understand. Then I try to play them whenever it’s a good idea to do so, or when I can keep them a good memory.

Do you try to find more easy-to-understand songs from the internet? What other music makes you want to learn?

You get this idea that you can have a lot of the songs you know in your head when you are learning guitar. But as a beginner the focus should not have anything to do with learning every song in the universe. Instead, we should always think about what we can learn, and not waste a good chance on learning one that will bring you no benefit.

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