What is the best age to learn guitar? – Learn Guitar App

For all ages. There are a lot of factors that go into it, from your current musical surroundings to your level of technical skill. At the same time, playing with a band or in a band is really fun. It’s a fun way to do it that you don’t have in a traditional music room or with an adult.

I really liked the live setting at the LIVING STRIP shows last year. That’s kind of the best age for me to learn guitar but it’s difficult because I’m an adult. People are always telling me that they play in bands as kids and they go to all these crazy shows when they’re 20 and they think I’m crazy. I had like seven kids in the crowd this weekend [at the LIVING STRIP show] for the LIVING STRIP shows and I’m like, “What the fuck are you doing?” It’s really easy.

What do you think the perfect age would be?

I believe the perfect age to learn guitar would be 13.

You’ve got an amazing voice too…

Yeah, I know a lot of kids who are very talented. So I think it’s important to keep pushing and learning, especially with the older kids you’re learning with, that you push your limits, your musical capabilities, and you’re working on your technique. I think it’s important to keep pushing your vocal cords and push it to where you think that you’re ready for the rest of your music career and that people should listen to what you’re singing and feel comfortable.

There are tons of bands around now that are not just playing acoustic guitars, like Tove Lo and Fleet Foxes and the new ones…

Yeah. That’s the whole thing. A lot of other bands have a really talented guitar player and they’re like, “We’re playing acoustic guitar with guitars!” And they can also sing. I don’t know if people know that Tove Lo is from Switzerland and is playing in Switzerland… I hear he can sing, I think he’s really talented, but for every Tove Lo, there’s another Tove Lo, and it’s a whole culture of talented people out there, and it’s a good thing that we’re starting to take advantage of our culture.

Are there any bands you listen to and respect?

A lot of bands are doing things that I’m a fan of, not necessarily my favorite band, but I listen to a lot of bands who are

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