Can I learn guitar at 30? – Learn Guitar Online Free Beginners India

At 30 you won’t be able to do the whole range of things, you won’t be able to play with all of your fingers, your fingers won’t work like new.

Where can I get a professional guitar instructor?

There are countless online guitar lessons on the internet, these guitar instructors all have some sort of qualification level, they may teach you things like scales and chords, but you’ll probably need more advanced experience to get the most out of their course.

What about guitars at the local music store?

Most music stores are not places you should go to, they sell cheap guitars to people who want to get to grips with the basics of guitar playing.

If you’re only going into guitar clubs then there are better places to get your hands on the best instruments, however we always recommend doing music as our own way to learn music, as the more experienced musicians that we have at our club we can help you if you need advice on anything.

My teacher used the phrase ‘practice every day’, is this true?

It all depends on what you’re trying to practice but generally what works for one type of music isn’t necessarily the best idea to learn that same music. If you’re going into jazz lessons in particular then you’re going to want to stick with the basic jazz forms and be able to play these on the right chord changes.

I heard that there are different grades of teacher and that you may need to go on a course to gain a qualification.

No it’s not true, the more experience you get the better the teacher you get.

What advice should I take away from the 30 year old advice?

It would be a mistake taking the 30 year old advice without also taking the 30 year old advice about how to make a living from guitar playing.

The 20 year old advice will work in general, you’ll just lose out on so much, the 30 year old advice will work in a specific situation. Some people who can’t learn guitar at school are happy to take the 30 year old advice because they know for sure that it’s something they can do, however everyone wants to play guitar at 30 so you might as well stick with your personal favourite method.

If anyone has any other tips on this whole subject please leave them in the comments.

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