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That is the hardest guitar solo I’ve seen for any guitar solo, maybe ever. It’s such a difficult guitar solo. The reason I’m asking, though, is because this was just so difficult. There was a lot of time put into it, and then there were a lot of times I got to go out and show the video. I was out on the road the whole week of recording it and I just spent a lot of time going over stuff and thinking about different parts. The last thing that I wanted to do with that song was go out and rehearse it. So I did.

What is your biggest regret? I don’t know if I’ll ever have another. I can go back and look at some of my early stuff and find ones I regret, but I don’t feel like I’m a regret-er at all. I think of it as “This sucks and I’ll always work on this as if no one else has given me any advice.” What I don’t regret is, if I had to choose between something and my kids I would definitely pick my kids.

Did you go back and redo the whole album? I did. That’s all I did. Everything I did, I did a rerecord. I got rid of every single chord I forgot. I even had to go back and work on one chord I didn’t like. I redid every part.

Are there any songs that are you haven’t been able to play in quite some time? I’ve done a lot of work on a few songs – “The Big Fix,” the title track – but there are a few songs that I just couldn’t get right because they didn’t feel right to me in the first place. And I’ve played with some pretty good players, but those are the two. I love playing with them, but they don’t have the right character or temperament. The guitar that I have now does have a certain character to it, not to speak of the tone. There’s always something to be improved on, but I have a good one.

I was a fan of “Weasel Tongue,” which was written by Joe Walsh, and it was such a good song. I really liked it, I love it. I was always surprised when I saw that song on the album and knew I hadn’t played it in a long time. I think that’s what happens with a lot of good songs – if the guitar is too harsh or too soft, it just doesn’t

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