Can I teach myself guitar?

Yes! If you aren’t too good a guitar player, you would do well to take up the practice of guitar. A few minutes a day of practice on an acoustic guitar can have a big impact on your quality of life, and even if you’re very good at playing guitar, a few minutes every morning can really make a difference.

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As with guitar, no matter how much you learn, it’s best to stick with just one instrument at most. Some people enjoy the experience of playing another instrument very much; it gives them an opportunity to be creative and to have a fun time.

But if you find that you can’t handle the guitar, take up the violin!

Do you have any advice for other people?

Always enjoy things that make you learn. Try new things, explore new ways of thinking… it’s not just a matter of getting a new guitar, it’s about getting more into the process of learning. Don’t be obsessed with perfection – don’t be afraid to fail and to enjoy failures! Don’t let the pursuit of perfection overwhelm you.

One thing you are unlikely to ever discover in your studies, but that everyone should know, is that the mind’s tendency to produce random, random thoughts, is not an essential component of mental health.

And you might just learn more about yourself through the process of thinking random thoughts, rather than through thought producing, thinking!

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Praise be to Allaah.

The meaning of this question was explained in the question at-Tirmidhi, 2311, 2146, and 2315.

We answer that by saying:

The people did not understand what had been revealed to them. Allaah revealed what was promised to those who would believe in Him. So what was revealed in this question is nothing to do with the religion in which Allaah created the heavens and all that exists in them, or the religion of those who were with Him from when He guided them, nor the religion of the people until Allaah destroyed it with the Prophets, before they came to Him, and He revealed what was related to them, which was related to the people who were on the way, and some of them came to Him after that. The meaning of this question is that Allaah sent a special Prophet, and He sent people who were from a religion and came to Allaah, and Allaah revealed what was meant to be revealed