Is 19 too old to learn guitar?

It should be no secret that there is a very tiny percentage of people who think that age limits learning guitar. One of their “tea time” sources has this to say…
[…] “If you’re a child of over 18 you can learn and play guitar, and this isn’t restricted to ‘musical’ kids. Everyone can get to that level if they just work hard and learn to play and practise for more than one day a week. Even if you get into the ‘best’ schools, there are plenty of good teachers out there.”
That’s where the argument really gets bogged down, however, because the vast majority of adults and children under the age of 14, regardless of their parents’ musical preferences, aren’t playing music in a way that the majority of people who come to me for help are.
I was raised a Catholic, but I don’t remember a single religion coming up to me in a classroom, or any time at all in church, which is to say there seemed to be no real point in church attendance. I was raised as a straight white male, a Christian, with no family ties of any sort. I never really had a single one of those cultural or family events or experiences like that, as I would have been a complete stranger to anyone but my friends.

When I was about 10 or 11, my father, who was a very religious man, taught me the “Song of Solomon” and we went on a weeklong Bible study every Thursday at our local church, which was a pretty good opportunity and I would remember to get back to my lessons on time and it was the first time I’d heard them. But as was the norm, when we left the worship services I wouldn’t speak to my mother for another three years.
That isn’t to say I couldn’t have talked to her when I was 18 or 19, but the thought of learning and playing an instrument with her was obviously very unlikely to occur to me. I grew up in a big family and was raised to go to church every single night. My father never told me “it’s none of your business if your parents are going to church, so don’t bother” and I didn’t find it odd that people didn’t bother when my friends would, of course.
Lesson 2: The E Gunn |
So I started to think that maybe the reason most people are not going to church or going over to their local church is because going over to a church every week is too much to ask of most adults who aren’t going to college