Can you learn guitar at 30? – How To Learn Guitar For Beginners

This was the question I was asked many times at this event. What was the biggest advantage of starting at a college? This is a common question for a lot of music students. To answer this question we made a little test to see what college major and high school level would allow people to have the fastest learning speed in the shortest amount of time.

The test consists of 12 questions. You will see the word “College” in the first question and the word “High School” next to it in the second question. This way you could choose which college major you are thinking of. We chose two majors that would meet most students’ needs. You could choose any music degree, but I thought it would be interesting to show college students the choices they would have if starting from high school. Here is the list of college majors:

1. Music

2. Music and Audio Science

3. Music and Theater Studies

4. Music Management

5. Music Theory and Composition

6. Music and Technology

7. Music and Art

8. Music Communication and Production

9. Music Education and Technology

10. Music and Technology Education and Production

11. Music Education

12. Music and Music Professions

This is a long list of all the majors that are in college right now in order of how they are ranked:

1. Music and Audio Science

2. Music and Theater Studies

3. Music and Theater Studies

4. Music and Theatre Studies

5. Education and Technology

6. Music Management

7. Education and Technology

8. Music Education

9. Music Management

10. Music Management

11. Music Management

12. Music Management

13. Education and Technology

14. Music and Audio Science

We also had questions on whether students would want to move to a city and stay in college for an extra year or two. You are always the most desirable student to have a good college experience, even without having any degree. I personally had a hard time deciding between the major. However, my wife felt that she needed to take another year in college so she could focus on college and get married later in her time in college.

Here is an infographic that has a summary of how to choose a college major and their average learning speed. The top 25 degree types are all found in the music, engineering and technology and science fields

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