What are the 3 basic guitar chords? – Playing Guitar Tutorial

These chords are:

The basic chords of the guitar are:

A C E B D,

which looks kind of like this:

The first and third of these three is the “A”, and the next two are the “C”, and so forth.

When the scales are done with these chords in mind, it can be pretty simple to understand the various shapes (or chords) in a guitar part, if one just takes the basic shapes in those chords and makes them sound like this:

A C E G A B C#,

or this:


or this:

A C E G A C A#,

or this:

That’s the major scale.

You can do a similar thing with the following:

A C E G A/B/C/E B-E F#,

or this:

A C E G A C# E,

or this:

And the notes can be any way you’d like.

And that’s all you need to be able to understand these chords, except for your fingers, which are the hardest part.

I’ve created the following table of guitar chords for you to learn the general shapes, and also to think about different chord progressions or to make a change when you’re listening to this chord chart.

The tables are:

Major Chords (major scale):

These chords are always (a) written from the root chord (A) up all the way to the chord you’re playing on.

(b) When a chord begins on a diminished (Bb) chord (F#, B, Eb, Db, etc.) and ends at one of the three major chords, a 7th chord, or a dominant chord, like 5 or 7. Here’s a list of the major scales:

1. The I Am, 3 Am.

(2) The I Am, 5 Am.

(3) The Em, 5 Am.

(4) The Em, 7 Am.

As you can tell, the 6th in these chords are major.

The 6th in a chord, a.k.a. the root note of any chord, is known as the 5th (or 7th if you’re playing a blues).


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