Can you teach yourself guitar? – How To Learn Guitar Fast With Rocksmith Song

This might take you a while to work out. I’ve done it many times. I would say that if you want to learn to play guitar you have to keep playing guitar and keep thinking about it.

When I first started to do it, after four or five months I realized it was a very interesting game. You learn how to play a particular part of the guitar and then get very lost in trying to find how the other part goes. For a month or two I would have this incredible amount of energy where I was playing that other song at the same time. It was so addictive so I’d get up in the morning and try to make it through that day without giving up on the next one but then I’d lose interest in that song – I’d be bored, I’d just go back to playing another thing.

The only thing that I can say is that I didn’t feel like I was being entertained at all. The reason is because that was in a studio environment. So there was no room for imagination. And even if I wanted to make it up there’s not a whole lot of room in the studio. You just get into some of these weird areas where you get in the studio and you’re surrounded by this sort of darkness – you’re alone and you’re making a noise or you’re playing a part and then you start to feel really light and you get a little bit of a psychedelic experience.

Weird is probably not the word you’d use but you have this feeling when things go weird you can’t explain it.

How To Learn And Use Bass Guitar Scales - YouTube
Weirdness is the word you’d use for this. It seems more than a little bizarre. People are surprised when I tell them. I mean there’s nothing wrong if people don’t believe me. Just look at people’s reaction – how many years have gone by now and how many people think I’m crazy? I mean, it’s ridiculous. But if anyone’s going to believe it then that’s the best way to prove it…if at the beginning you can show that if you really want to do it this way you can do it and then there is some sort of proof.

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