Does playing guitar help with anxiety? – Can I Learn Electric Guitar Before Acoustic Reddit

The more you play the more you can get through the day without letting it get to you.

What are some of the biggest lessons learned in a relationship?

Your partner is really smart, is a good listener, is a good listener to you, and you have to respect that and listen.

What is the hardest thing to do when you are single?
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Making a decision to be alone or dating. I have a tendency to think that everything and everyone, including myself, will find my perfect mate. The only part that I think will make me happier is dating. I’m a very lucky girl, so if I can’t find a guy I love I just have to work extra hard, and it’s hard.

Do you have any words of advice to anyone dating for the first time?

That’s one of the biggest questions for anyone is this: how do I make my life work? I’ve had so many problems and so much pressure put on me but I always try not to look at dating and life in general.

Can you tell us about a single day of life?

I went to a spa in Italy yesterday because I needed some time for my mind to rest. I had three hours to myself and it was great. I met a pretty girl at the spa and we have been talking for a while now. I’ve told her my situation and if she is interested in me I would be so happy! I’ve been waiting so long for that moment.

A young boy in Africa, left, with his grandmother – on a day when almost everyone has a phone in their pocket – speaks out against the use of digital and electronic media in classrooms

In Nigeria, children in primary school classes are being bombarded with television and digital media every single day. And if they don’t learn how to read and communicate in order to survive, they will face the same grim fate as those with disabilities.

As a first step to help educate children who are blind, deaf and or disabled, teachers from Agrisis Nigeria have set up a library that offers books on topics such as English and maths for all children to borrow for free.

The school in Kano, in the east of Nigeria, also has a dedicated information desk where teachers can answer any question they have about communication skills or literacy.

According to a report on BBC World Service’s programme Newsnight programme that aired on Monday, the library will open in January next year.

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