How can I learn guitar chords? – How To Learn Guitar Fast

You can learn from free web resources like this:

In my study of The Beatles, I was inspired by guitar-based musical compositions like “I Saw Her Standing There.” “I Saw Her Standing There” demonstrates many of the most important chord voicings.

If there’s something your students are struggling with, take a few minutes to study the “I Saw Her Standing There.” You might find that your students can start to understand a new note at hand.

Once you have a good understanding of chord voicings, you can add them to your practice routine.

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A UK-designed solar-powered boat will be used to test the technology behind a new underwater drone-capturing device.

Hulltech’s Ocean Explorer programme said it is testing the technology on HMS Astute at Sheerness.

The £2.4m prototype is being used to test the new Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

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The vehicle provides a 3D camera platform to be used underwater, and will be tested in waters near Sheerness.

The boat, called the Ocean Explorer, has a small pool at the front and will use a camera mounted on top to record ocean views as the crew moves. This will be used in the same way as the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle system on HMS Astute, the programme said.

“The Ocean Explorer will allow the crew to work together in a natural way as they build the drone from an initial test rig,” the company said.

“The system includes a fully autonomous camera that controls the drone’s movements – allowing the crew to work from their own work areas.”

Sea trials for the new device began in May when HMS Astute’s director of scientific operations, Mark Bowers, and a crew of about 20 took part in the 10,000ft-long test.

Sea trials will begin again in 2016 – though no completion date has yet been set.

Hull Tech said the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) will be capable of capturing video when the water level is lower than 6.5m (20ft) or it needs to be moved forward or backwards – something that would be impossible with the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

HANOVER, N.J. – There are few teams in MLS with better records on home turf than the Columbus Crew, though there are always those who still wish they could return to Columbus for MLS Cup.

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