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For this, you’ll want to start by learning the basic shapes (A, C, D, E, G) and picking them for a while, slowly getting the basic notes down. In the next two sections I’ll try to cover the chord progressions that will apply most effectively for you, and the specific notes we’re going to be looking for in each.
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The first chord progression is the Amin-D7 progression, shown in blue, where the 3 chords move up three strings (A, B, and C) and then down a fourth (A, Bb, C).

In the previous step we’ve learned to play the Amin-C7 Chord by starting at the root note for the chord and moving up the neck until we reach the bottom string on D. In the Amin-D7 progression we’ve made the same move, but we’re going to start with the root note for the chord and move up the neck using F#, G, and A, which makes it so you can actually use the entire chord as a part of a dominant 7th chord! In fact, a full C major scale is built from a C augmented triad with a Bb, which is how the scales are built in G major and D major. If you want to try this out for yourself, start with the first six-note G7 chord and work your way down to the major scale.

Now take a look at the 2nd chord in the progression, D9. Again, we’re going to start out using the root note for the chord and move up the neck and use F#, E, A, and G. This time our progression looks a little bit different. We haven’t moved the root (F#) up so much to the neck, so let’s instead use C, which is the same chord we used in the previous step. In the previous step we made that move up two strings as we learned, but now we’re going to start slowly moving up and down to the second string.

Moving up for D9 brings us right to our goal. In the first half of this progression we started by using a 4th mode, which is found in the 7th mode of the major scale, but the scale we’re going to work to start with is the same as the first 6-string G7 chord I created in the previous lesson. For example, to find the C9 chord in D9 we’d move to 7, then

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