How do I pick a beginners guitar?

This is a very important question that needs to be answered. Some people think they have to play guitar for years before even knowing the right chords to play. Don’t fall for that. It’s common for beginners to learn a ton of chords without ever learning to play guitar. So, what you have to do is to pick a very simple guitar and learn the keys. You may already know these keys so just start there. Once you understand them you can go on to learn other chords on your guitar. I recommend the following:

A blues or rockabilly

A jazz

A pop standard (the most popular on the Billboard Chart right now)

A jazz standard

For a jazz classic, you will go by the following chord progression:

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E b5 dbm7

With a pop rock standard, you’ll be adding a G7:

G# m7

Now try your hand on some common chords. Start with the one you know the best for the following chords:

E E b5 b5 Ab E E b5 dbm7

It’s very tempting to choose a chord, then choose a song with that chord progression. That happens when you first learn guitar. The trick is to pick a familiar chord and stick with that one. This way you are able to pick a good melody and progress quickly.

Keep in mind:

You should play the chords and progressions that you know well

The melody is a piece of music, while a chord progression is simply a melody

The songs you pick should be easy to play and get to

In order to play simple chords you will need good technique. A good guitarist will make you play them in the correct way.

I have written my guide to playing the chords in my book:

Guitar Theory: The Classic Guitar Chord Progression

As a beginner you will need good chord memorization, so you’ll need my book to help you. But, don’t worry, I’ve already written a list of guitar chords that are good for beginners. For example, you’ve learned the E b5 b5 Ab chord and now you need to memorize the other C b5 chords. In my book there’s a good list of more basic chord changes that you should be memorizing.

Guitar Chords: An Easy Way to Begin Guitar

One last thing that you’ll need is practice. If you’re