What is the most sold guitar?

(Which one would you recommend?)

MIDI-equipped Guitars:

MIDI-equipped guitars have three inputs and an internal MIDI controller. They can do almost any MIDI-controlled song as long as you have a MIDI keyboard and a computer. However, there are two limitations – they don’t have an actual “input” to the song and only control the first 2 or 3 notes of the song. If you need more control, you may need to get a MIDI keyboard.

For the most popular guitar brands, the most sold is, in order of sales, the Ibanez G7A, Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, P-90, Jazzmaster, and Fender Bassman.

Ibanez Guitars and Les Paul Guitars are the biggest sellers.

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What are the top 3 “Best Selling” guitar models by units sold?

There is no “Top 3” of guitar models. Only a list, which is compiled from a variety of websites based on a variety of methods including word of mouth and other online retailers. It seems like a no-brainer to just check out the sales of all models for guitar by unit sold, at least the most popular, but it seems like we all want to get an actual picture of the sales of specific models.

Here’s the list, of course, without a final answer. However, it includes the following model types:

Fender Stratocaster Model:

Fender Stratocaster is the bestselling guitar model of all time (since 1994) because of its amazing performance on a wide variety of instruments and has received an estimated 10 million guitars sold worldwide.

Fender Telecaster Model:

Fender Telecaster has been one of the biggest selling guitars of all time. With the Telecaster line’s popularity, Fender even created a special, limited edition Telecaster.

Gibson Les Paul Model, Model R:

These are the bestselling guitar models among younger audiences. Both models are known for their incredible tone and great price. Gibson’s Les Paul is the most popular and is priced more expensive than most other guitars.

The Gibson R is one of the few guitars that has a pickup system.

You can check out some of the guitar sales here.

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