How do u tune a guitar?

I don’t know. I don’t tune guitars. Just take a guitar and make it a guitar. I’d give the thing away because it sounds too much like a mop, but hey, maybe I should keep it around.

Are you still in touch with them?

That was really weird because we were in the studio going through every song and writing our first record. But it was fun, we just did the thing and the moment was over, you know, I didn’t go home or anything. It’s a really cool vibe. We’re going to meet up later and play some stuff, too.

The album is out 10/24.

The University of Notre Dame has filed a lawsuit against Northwestern University alleging that the university owes it $11 million in tuition revenue.

“The University of Notre Dame claims that Northwestern owes it more than $11 million in tuition revenues,” said a press release issued by the university Thursday afternoon. “We are seeking a court order to require Northwestern to pay us that amount.”

“If these allegations are true, they are unconscionable and unlawful,” said Notre Dame President Rev. Mary Kay Henry. “They are a direct affront to our constitutional commitment to the autonomy of our educational system, to the sacred principle of religious freedom, and our obligation not to support discrimination.”

“They create a serious threat to the campus security, integrity of the educational system, and academic freedom of the University of Notre Dame, our students and alumni, and our wider university community,” added Henry.

The university says they’ve sought and received millions of dollars for help since 2010, and that the university can’t even keep up with its debt payments. Notre Dame filed their lawsuit two weeks ago; this week they asked the U.S. District Court to order a preliminary injunction against Northwestern to prevent the university from discharging the debt.

Notre Dame is requesting the financial assistance because the university couldn’t keep up with the $16.8 million in loans they received in 2010 and is still obligated to repay them.

“It’s a very significant debt, and I think an insult to our students,” said Notre Dame Vice President for Marketing and Communications Greg Dyer. “It’s something we’re committed to being responsible for for the future and we’re committed to it because of our commitment to freedom of religion, and that’s not going to change.”

According to Notre Dame, they have received about $14.2 million