What is the easiest song on guitar?

I like it on a couple different levels. It can be very easy or it can be very hard. If you take away the vocals and just use the guitar, it’s harder. I like the fact that it starts off with a melody, and there’s just so much to get through at the same time. I tend to lean towards the easy song that’s easiest.

If you could do a record in two hours and release it tomorrow, which song would it be?

I can say my favorite song on the record.

What would your dream lineup for the next tour be?

I would like to tour with my band again, but it’s hard to say. We haven’t been on tour lately, so I don’t know. We’ve been playing at various local clubs and going to concerts, so maybe one of those would work. Our next album is on the way out, so I guess it depends if I’m lucky enough to tour again.

What has been the most memorable show you’ve ever been to?

In terms of experience it’s the one I was at in 2008. That show was when I first became popular. That show got really big in the Midwest and Texas, and I remember being in the back of my mind in all that. One of my best friend was there and he played “Stadium Arcadium” with me. He did “My Own Highway,” and he was playing a lot of old Grateful Dead stuff that he’d never played in a long time. I’m glad he remembers that.

Was that your first show anywhere?

Not really. Just a friend of mine’s house with a bunch of friends of ours, and when I was 14, in the summers of the late ’80s I’d come down every summer to that house. I started playing it to my friends and they started putting me on shows. I’m sure if I would’ve said, “OK, let’s do ten shows here,” it would’ve gotten bigger than what it started out with.

I would’ve probably been a lot happier where I grew up instead of where I’m from now or vice versa because that’s just how it happened. That show at that house was the first time that I showed up for a show of anybody I’d played with in a long time. I was like, “I’m a big Grateful Dead fan, I would love to go to more shows like that.”

You’re known for your ability to