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The best piano players do not need a long training program. A beginner needs about 2 years to reach his potential. But once he starts to learn the piano, it will be quite a difficult life.

Why do the best students fail to get better?

Practices are very important. But the key to success is to listen, to focus, to stay focused and to concentrate on the task at hand.

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Why are those who have failed so often so much stronger than those who do not fail?

The secret is the motivation to do something. We should work not just to get more answers but to understand the way the music feels, and so achieve the highest performance possible.

How can someone make some progress?

For some students, an initial problem is the feeling of not being able to find a solution in their music.

But we should concentrate on this in the beginning. In the first three months, practice will start. Try using different chords with different timbres which will make our playing easier.

What will they feel?

They will be able to play faster, play longer, play more notes and express more emotion – this will provide a better feeling in everything they do.

What if they want to do a lot on their playing?

This is only achievable by constant practice. But we must first get the hang of the fingering and the piano itself, so that every step is easy. Practice helps us learn how to play every note correctly. The more we practice, the better we will become. The quicker we can memorize, the easier it will be to practice in the evenings and during weekends.

What should we tell our students to try?

Start the first practice as soon as you wake up and take a few minutes every day (or in the afternoon). Begining practice should be done in the comfort of your own home, with music on the radio or at the club.

What can we do in case our students start to fail?

Take advice from other students. We should ask students and teachers what they are doing wrong, so that we can help them to master the way they play or make new mistakes.

Don’t worry much, these problems are relatively rare. The good thing about them is that we can use the knowledge we got in the beginning to improve and get better at this.

About the author:

Ruth M. Roesel is a teacher and piano

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