How long will it take to learn piano? – Guitar Chords Free Printable

It took my grandmother a full year to learn to play the piano, according to a video the BBC made for the BBC World Service in the UK:

It’s a good thing that people can be so quick at learning, because when you’re learning a game, you can’t focus on learning the most important stuff. You need to focus on the basics, and the fact that you can play this game is just a bonus.

Do I need the right computer?

You’ll need a suitable device for playing Pong.

Windows machines: they won’t work well, and they’re expensive.

Linux machines: you might be able to use them for some years.

Mac machines: there are many different versions of this operating system, with various settings.

Android: you may be able to play on your phone, though they get slow.

You’ll need an adequate internet connection.

Are there people with a more difficult and time-consuming approach to learning to play piano?

Yes. There are countless piano teachers, but not a whole lot for learning to play real piano.

What sort of games are we talking about here?

Pong is the obvious game, along with many others.

Have you played games that teach you to play the piano?

Yes. You need to be aware of the type of game you choose and how it works with the keyboard (although this might be less of an issue with mobile phones). There are a few games that teach you using the keyboard, but you need to understand how it works first, which includes reading the manual.

What kind of piano equipment does it recommend to use?

If you don’t already know, you’ll need a good quality piano. Don’t expect it to be expensive.

There are lots of good online piano stores around, but you don’t necessarily need to own one to try out a piano at home.

Piano is a game that requires lots of practice. It’s much easier to go on tour and practice using the instrument at home.

When will I learn to play piano?

If you’re keen to learn, then start by learning the basic skills first. Don’t get attached to the piano just yet.

Will you be at home playing Pong with me?

No way! At home are far superior instruments.

What if I don’t want to play piano?


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