How many chords do guitarists know?

How long can they go to the bar to play chords?

Most people think they know what chords sound best and do not even start playing them by the time they’re 21 years old.

I’d bet you don’t know which chords should be included in the standard chord progression. Chord progression rules are pretty hard to learn at 21 years old!!

When I see that in today’s student who has to learn at 21, I think “Wow! Why did you take 12 years of piano and play your first chords at 7? It had some sort of magic to it because you could figure out what the chords should be. You would be way better off learning chord progression by heart.”

Chords are a difficult concept to wrap your head around at 21 years old, so many people take the easy route and just go over the chords on the guitar until they “get it” at 21.

Somehow when you’re thinking the chords are easy in the car or on the bus and you realize, “Oh yeah, I understand chords now. I know exactly what chord sounds perfect for which note.” it’s a magical thing when you start playing at 21 and think, “Oh yeah, I can play these chords really well at this age.”

When you think you are just mastering chords now, you’re in for a rude awakening.

You’re just learning the chords and you can’t figure out how to play the chords in the right way yet, so you end up getting lost in the shuffle of fretboard memorization. It’s a lot harder today to learn new chords than it was for your dad to learn them.

Here are your chords as of now, for your 22nd birthday.

Note that you can use a scale for each chord.

Example Chords :

The first four chords are just the notes C major scale for the fifth fret.

You can practice these on guitar without any fret tuning and the guitar gets the rhythm just fine.

Here is the key of the chords I mentioned.

(The chords are the same as these examples until the 5th fret on the 2nd, 6th, and 7th strings. It is also the same for the other 12 strings.)

Here’s how this works without fret tuning :

Here’s the same key for your fretting finger on the guitar :

You can learn these on guitar even if you don’t use the fret tuning and get it just right