Is 17 too old to learn guitar?

I’m also thinking about having my son sit me down in a music room and teach me some of the basics. There’s so much going on and the time that it takes me to catch up feels like a waste because what I want to do is teach him to play music. I really enjoy using music and hearing guitarists talk and play it that way I think it makes the learning process much more engaging.

How do you choose your music gear?

I really use a small amount of a lot of different gear every day just to have somewhere to stay when I’m at work and I also carry all of my tools to work with, along with the guitar tuner in the studio. When I leave the house I will have my trusty portable amp on me so that I can get it tuned as necessary. I also carry two guitars. The first is a Strat with a vintage tone and the other is a G4. I usually go with the G4, but it’s always good to have two.
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What advice would you give to aspiring guitarists?

If you have some of the basics down then it shouldn’t be too difficult to get started. Start at the beginner level first because everything doesn’t start off easy. I’ve found it’s harder to get people on board with what you’re doing because they are too used to playing just ‘guitar things’. Start with the basic shapes of a guitar that you can play and then get more sophisticated with your playing.

What guitars do you like when you’re playing live?

Right now I’m using a little bit of this G4 and a little bit of a Strat. I’m also using some new guitars that I’ve bought which I’ve discovered through my guitar collecting hobby. I love playing and I like the way that it feels to have a solid sound and can’t take away from the style that my favourite instruments have developed.

Any advice you would give to a younger guitar player?

It’s important to have basic knowledge and be able to play well and listen well because a lot of the guitar bands that you see play are playing in the same situation as you are and have a similar set up which is what you’ll want to imitate. Try to create some rhythm when you play so that it doesn’t feel like you’re playing like a drummer. Try to keep it simple because that will help you learn faster. I’m constantly playing my new G4 and G4s so if I ever get into