How much is a decent guitar? – Learn Guitar Chords Easy Chart Assignment

When is it a good bet to buy a guitar?

If you are buying from someone who is selling online or at one of the many show-rooms in the world, then a lot of the time the guitar’s specification will be far in excess of anything you can find at the showroom. You will be lucky if it can be found for less than £1000 (although the vast majority of used guitars will be considerably less).

If you are buying in the UK, you can be guaranteed that something which you can probably afford will be available even in very poor condition.

Of course, most people like to look at the picture and read a description – and that could be the main reason behind some people being able to afford a guitar: they are interested! But in the olden days, it used to be the other way.

It used to be that before a person could afford a guitar they must have had the ambition to get one to do what they could not quite pull off with real musical skill. If you were not a real musical skill – or the idea of actually playing a real musical instrument – you might think a little further ahead before you started thinking of buying.

Which means you could be in the same situation as many people who find themselves looking for a guitar that can take them as far as they are comfortable going in terms of the sort of playing they want to do with it.

So you may be tempted – or you may not – but if you are the sort of person who thinks it is a good idea to spend as little as possible, there is no excuse, it seems to me, for asking “Is a guitar worth getting?”.

If the answer is absolutely not, then the answer seems, to me at least, to be “no” to the question of “Is it worth getting”.

I have never found something as useful as a good guitar for the following reasons:

It is almost certainly not worth getting it

It might be a good idea to go for a guitar that is a little better, just to see where it might get you, and then you can decide whether your money is spent on a better or a just a little bit less. No-one is going to judge you for putting in half a quid on a little less good equipment.

For me, a good guitar is better than absolutely no guitar at all.

If it will take you as far as you have a bit in the tank

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