Is 32 too old to learn guitar? – Learn Guitar Faster Tips

And where are the lessons?

We’re sure some of you are thinking, “but that guy is playing in a guitar band! Let’s have more guitar music”

We’re sure we are too.

We can tell this is an article on something totally personal – so we’re going to get into a little more detail now on learning guitar.

What is learning guitar?

In order to explain it better, we’ll focus on four main areas at hand:

The guitar is an instrument designed to be played for the entirety of its duration, rather than with breaks.

Learning guitar requires time.

Learning guitar requires practice.

Learning guitar requires experience.

Learning guitar is time consuming.

Learning guitar involves a lot of hard work, but it is worthwhile.

Why should I know about learning guitar? (the five reasons)

The reason I know more about learning guitar is for the five reasons above.

To understand why the learning process is so complex, let’s start using the analogy of a roller coaster, which has five tracks – each track being a different length.

For instance, when going up the first track on the track chart below, you have the option to “lift off” and go straight up. By going straight up, you’re taking away much of the tension in your body and causing you to fall. However, if you let go of the handle on the right hand side of the track, you are being pushed forward, further reducing your momentum going forward.

There are many times where you will need to be able to get your “feet” moving, and often times we’ll even need to let go of the hand we’re holding onto, especially when learning chords from scales.

So lets have a look at each individual question, and ask ourselves a question: “What does it mean for the music I’m about to learn to depend on the length of the track that my hands and arms are on?”

Let’s examine each of the questions above.

Which chords should I learn?

This is an extremely important question, and one we don’t always think about.

We generally think in terms of two types of chords:

Major chords

Minor chords (minor ii chords)

This is why it’s so important to know which minor chords.

If I want to learn the following chord on the guitar, what I need to do is:

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