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Not necessarily — you are more likely to go wrong if your guitar is stuck in a drawer rather than on a shelf, particularly if the guitar is playing at loud volume.

But if you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying a guitar with a bunch of knobs all connected to a potentiometer, there are a few common guitar accessories that will do the trick. Here are some of the best guitar accessories you should know about:

1. Stratios Electric Bridge

This popular combo bridge will make a Strat-style electric guitar easier to play. Because the bridge is a single piece, there’s less need to clean up the neck and tune up parts to compensate for changes in position during playing (although adjusting the bridge can be a difficult feat). With an electric bridge, each string has an on-off switch so you can put the bridge in its “on” position and simply plug your guitar in.

Although a Strat-type electric bridge can be expensive, Stratios sells these at a competitive price so you can save some money.

2. Custom-Made Pedals

There are many, many companies selling custom pedals nowadays. You can find high-end custom-made pedals — particularly acoustic ones — at virtually every high-end repair shop.

There are many kinds of custom pedal. For an electric guitar, there are a variety of pedals used to adjust the pitch and intonation of a guitar. For electric bass, you’ll find a variety of different styles built with many different types of cabling (one type provides both guitar and bass switches).

A pedal that you choose will be one of the main factors in your ability to play on an electric or acoustic guitar.

Check out the following pedal companies:
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3. Tuners

No matter how much you like a particular tuner, you might want to think about a more reliable set of tuners. A bad tuner can ruin your guitar.

The best and safest way to find the best guitar tuner is to purchase one from one of the major tuning companies. While a “cheap” tuner may sound good on paper, you’ll really appreciate the reliable performance of these high-performance tuners.

Here are some tuner brands to look for in terms of their reliability, features, price and customer service:

4. String Shifter

There’s a reason why a string switch is so convenient to play on an electric guitar. A

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