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How do they appear on the fretboard on the guitar? Find out in this handy guide.

Here are the 3 important guitar chord symbols of the blues scale.

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When a federal judge struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage earlier this year, many in Utah’s congressional delegation reacted with anger and disappointment. It was a stunning ruling, they argued. Utah shouldn’t recognize same-sex marriage, especially after the Supreme Court had made that decision. They argued that this was a deeply religious state, with its own rules. And this ruling contradicted the Constitution.

When a federal judge struck down the ban on same-sex marriage in Utah last year, the state’s lawmakers and the state Republican Party were furious and embarrassed.

The governor had even more of a hard-fought battle over the measure at the state Capitol in Salt Lake City over what he saw as an attack on his religious freedom. He tried to keep it on the books despite the law’s being struck down. A court has now blocked the state from doing so, and the Legislature quickly moved to repeal it.

Now, two Utah Republicans are trying to resurrect the law, hoping the courts will force the issue.

On Tuesday, they introduced a bill to repeal gay marriage in Utah and reinstate the state’s ban. House Bill 1781 would require that any same-sex couple in Utah receive a license at the registrar’s office. But the bill would make sure that the marriage license includes a gender marker: “Marriage of one man and one woman as the union of one man and one woman in law duly existing in the State of Utah shall be valid.”

On Wednesday, Senate President Andy Biggs, R-Prattville, offered a version of the same proposal to the Salt Lake City Council. And the House has taken it up.

If it passes both houses, it likely will go to a vote in the state Senate as early as this week. If it passes there too, it’ll go to Gov. Gary Herbert, who has said he’d consider signing it.

Biggs’ bill doesn’t define whether same-sex marriage is a marriage or a civil union. He says that’s beside the point: It’s a religious freedom concern that’s as valid as any others.

It’s also unlikely that

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