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A guitar student usually learns two or three chords per week. That’s why it’s important to learn the chords before you learn the melody. The melody and chords play a very important role in creating a musical theme. Your learning will not be efficient if you learn all 10 lessons and don’t get the melody or only hear the chords with limited use. You better listen to the melody and learn it with it’s full extent. Then you will be able to apply it to your own music.

It should be no surprise to anyone by this point that The Great Indoors is a very successful, very well made book. It is by far my favorite book to read these days, both because I believe in the idea of “greatness without greatness” and because it has a very good ending.

Here’s another thing that should be no surprise: The Great Indoors was, and is, not a very good book. What is surprising is the level of vitriol that surrounds it and how often I see people discussing it in a way that belittles its merits.

This seems, at a first glance, to be a perfectly rational response to the book. People say “it’s a book about sex and love” – it’s not – and it’s good at what it does, or the same can be said of most novels. It has a lot to say about modern relationships and modern ideas about love and sex – and, most importantly, it’s a book that is both honest in its approach to these topics and full of passion and ideas.

But I can’t ignore two things.

The first is the first sentence and, more specifically, the phrase: “But the main problem with [insert popular TV show here]” – not in the sense that it’s inaccurate – just un-thoughtful, or even dishonest. It’s the words of an author who has some personal experience working on TV shows he doesn’t like and who finds himself being accused of using the show’s characters as a personal attack tool. Yes, the show is about the sex and the love and the relationships and the feelings. But it also revolves around the war between these two characters, and the war that is fought and the struggles it produces in the characters. It’s about the conflict that exists between what is real and what is imagined.

And, yes, I understand that it might not be the only way to describe The Great Indoors. People might just read it as a book about love and love and love

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