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This is a hard question. Some people say that learning the blues is the best way to get good at guitar, and that learning it from songs would make things worse — but it’s really hard to be a musician and learn the blues from a song without completely ripping off its beats.

I know that the best option is to learn the chords by ear, but most guitar students think they have to really know the chords to ever become a good musician. For people who are beginners, this just isn’t true. The best way for a beginner to learn a chord, however, is to listen to it playing (it will still be just a melody), and to use a scale to solo. The scales are pretty simple, and when the chords are memorized, the scales are quite useful for soloing. In this article, I will be showing you ten simple scales for both the melody and the solo, as well as some great progressions of the scales.

This article is written for people who are interested in the solos but are not too interested in learning the tunes themselves. Learning the tunes also provides great practice problems for the scales, which in turn provides great practice with the scales.

The scales are split into three parts:

Inverse pentatonic scales (from the 2:3:5:7:)

(from the 2:3:5:7:) Melodic minor pentatonic scales (from the 1:4:5:7:)

(from the 1:4:5:7:) Dominant 7th scale (from the 2:5:6:7:)

I have grouped the pentatonic and the dominant pentatonic scales into four sub-scales, which are useful both in soloing and on the fretboard. They are marked by their number, so in the next examples, I will show you how to read those.

Melodic Minor Pentatonic Scales

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In the examples below, I will show how to read these scales on the fretboard. If you want to learn the scale on guitar, there are three ways you can begin with them.

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I suggest starting with the Minor Pentatonic Scale 1:b7 from the 1:3:5 key. These are the notes that you will want to hit most often:

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Then, I would suggest practicing these scales on the bass instrument over a

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