How long does it take to learn guitar? – Holding The Guitar For Beginners

It varies from person to person, but I generally learn new chords in about two weeks and new melodies in about five.

How long does it take a guitar player to become a master of their instrument?

That can take a while, but the more practice I have with my instrument the better I get at it.

Is it true that there is a different type of learning that is not based on theory but on intuition?

Yes, there are. The most common method is called “hints”. It’s based on instinct, which is a hard thing to unlearn.

What is the most important lesson I learned from learning the guitar?

Learning to accept the truth of things. Once I finally learned that I was going to be unemployed for the foreseeable future, all I had to do was accept it. And that’s usually enough.

What are the important lessons from learning the guitar and teaching your students?

Be patient, but be honest with yourself. You will find that there are certain people you will be able to deal with better than others. There’s no point to try to put an age limit on this.

How old was your first band rehearsal?

I began playing in a band at the age of eight, though I was only really able to hear and play when I was 14 and 15…which wasn’t too long ago.

What advice do you have for those aspiring rock fans?

Always keep going – no matter what the music is. Always enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to give yourself space.

What advice would you give to a guitar player looking to make a first move?

Don’t forget about the people around you. I remember being quite lucky enough to have a good teacher during my college years at UCLA.

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