What guitar chords should I learn first? – Best Guitars For Kids To Learn On

“The important thing is what you learn first. If you want to play the A major scale, you’re going to spend the better part of every day at school looking at charts. The big thing is not the scale, but the chords that go with it. I learned A major first, and over time I’ve been playing more and more of that. You learn something by learning it first. If you’re learning any instrument, learn the chords—not the scale. In my case, I think I learned the chords. In the case of an instrument like the bass, I’m pretty sure I learned the scale first.”

Are there any other guitar artists you look up to? Maybe some other musicians with whom you feel a kinship?

“There’s some jazz bands that are pretty cool. I was listening to their records, and they’ve got such a great sound, and they’re so openminded. They’re not necessarily afraid to challenge conventional ideas or to be kind of weird. They’re really cool.

You played a little bit as Lead Organist for a band called The Band, were you also a good enough guitarist to have a solo career?

“I think so, yeah. I’ve been playing since I was about 12 years old, and I got started on a little guitar called a “casio electric,” which was an ’60s ‘single wound electric. I was working on a few guitar parts and getting back into the groove of playing guitar. The other one was a G electric that I got a couple of years before I started playing lead guitar that I also had some fun playing—I think it was a Les Paul.

“That G one was really fun—I actually thought I got lucky with that. But at the time, most of the time I was not playing because there wasn’t much for me to do, you’d really only find a group where I was the rhythm guitarist. So when I started playing guitar on a solo track with them, I thought, ‘Wow, why not?'”

“Do you have a dream instrument?

“I would like to start doing something with a little more pop, but I’m not sure. I’m playing what I like, and I’ve been playing since I was about 12, and I’ve made a whole career out of just playing guitar. I’m really happy with where I’m at. I’d love to start doing something that’s more in the swing and country vein, but that

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