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The first answer would be one guitar. Of all the instruments, the most straightforward is an acoustic guitar, because they’re easiest to learn and because you often learn a lot without even seeing the instrument. But a bass guitar is so versatile, it can play almost anything. This, of course, leads to other issues that a bass guitar can’t solve. For example, is it better for me to be able to play a bass guitar and an electric guitar at the same time? Are bassists able to pick up a bass guitar on its own? Also, when playing a bass guitar, do I play it by ear, just like I sometimes do with a drum machine? Or do I use the drum machine to emulate bass, and use my left hand to play the bass guitar? And then of course, in a bass case, are I playing that way because I am a bass player — and not for the rest of my life — or do I use a bass case for personal enjoyment? It’s a question that requires a lot of study.

Another is the second bass guitar — the electric one. This was another problem the most. Even a cheap bass guitar is very expensive. The price of an ordinary model today ranges from $450 to $1500. Many bass players simply don’t have money. But in the ’60s, many people had money, and it’s still true today. You don’t have to be a wealthy man to play bass, so why not buy a bass, and practice it and have fun? You can take your money anywhere you want. You want to study guitar and maybe learn about an instrument you don’t know anything about, then buy a bass and play it. And then, when you practice, you will discover the way to play things you never knew before.
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There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but there are a lot of common answers. As long as you are willing to look, you can learn the answers, and it’s certainly not too late to learn bass guitar.

Now that you know the reasons to buy and use a bass guitar, if you’re concerned about one, let’s talk about how you should actually buy it. A decent bass guitar costs under $5,000 — that is, under $1500. Most guitars get cheaper every year, because more people are realizing that bass guitars aren’t a waste of money.

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