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“The hardest is doing something you love. There was that one person that I met in a dream world and I took her and got engaged. You have to learn and enjoy doing it.”

The hardest instrument you’ve played?

“The guitar, like I said, the hardest instrument I ever played was the guitar. I didn’t pick up any other instrument for some reason. I wanted to sing. I wanted to play the piano but I didn’t have a lot of experience. I had to learn. I took a lot of lessons which was amazing. When you don’t have that you always feel like you’re being punished. The hardest thing is when you have your first breakup and it’s really easy to get back into it and you have a new break up. Once you’ve been in it a few times all the good habits kick in. You want to do better. You wanna do better and you wanna do better.”

What was your hardest lesson?

“It’s about how to take a break and not get up early in the morning to get another job or to go to the gym. The hardest thing I ever did is when I broke up with my ex-girlfriend (Amy Schumer) and it was so hard to do. You can’t do it. It’s just an issue with me. I don’t do it. Just going back to the beginning, my dad’s like, ‘You’ve got to stop going out to clubs.’ And it’s because you’re still in a relationship with a woman. She can’t just go out to a clubs as you’re in a relationship. I had to say, ‘I don’t want to spend all night at a club on my phone waiting for her to come home because I’m still in a relationship.’ Because that’s what this lifestyle is for. I do it one night at a time.”

Which song is the hardest song you’ve ever recorded?

“It’s got to be ‘Crying Baby’ (from the documentary I Love You, Daddy) on the guitar but it’s just an incredible song as well. It’s just so personal. It’s a really heartfelt song. It’s a song that the person that wrote it and sang it is gone. It was a really painful time for me – but if someone wants to write that, why can’t I? Because who I was at the end of it, who I was thinking about in that song, it’s not me right now. As far

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