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The instrument is still in its own place. I have not had the opportunity to play it. I think the guitar was given to me and it was the only instrument I could play. I took this particular model, the Gibson LesPaul Custom, because Gibson did not yet make a bass which I wanted. It was my goal to take the guitar apart and put it back together again.

Where was it played for “Crazy Horse”?

I played it for this rock concert which was at the University of California, Los Angeles at the California Theater in the summer of 1976. The band was an instrumental group of eight musicians. It was the first night that they played music which involved music that I played. Before that, when I was in my hometown, we were getting into the early days of folk. My mother was a singer and she would sing folk songs on her phonograph record which she always had for recording. At the time I decided to take that phonograph record and make it into a record with the songs I had composed originally. My first piece of music for that concert was “We’re Moving Away.” The other guys played, but I would play a couple of minutes at a time. I was just playing an acoustic guitar with the words written in.

The whole band was on some kind of musical tour in the early ’70s when the guitarist I was with, Dave Weckl, started playing a guitar style which was different from the music that I had been playing in earlier years. So I started doing some solo work with that guitar playing style. I did a two minute piece called “Riding in the Sunset” which was based on an old story my best friend, who had died, told me about in a dream, it was a story about a guy who went to visit his grandmother, and the grandmother died. It was a dream I couldn’t tell him. When his grandmother died, she was buried in one of the great big old graveyard in the back yard of her place. And I had the same dream. So I took the song from his grandmother’s song and I decided to put it in a guitar solo. We did that guitar piece and it went down really well. Then it seemed to work pretty well for several months and it took off when they decided to play with a bass player. The guy’s name was Mike Stroud.

Then my first big song that they were doing was “Crazy Horses.” They had written two songs called “Shake It Off” and

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