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Learning to play the guitar is about a lot of things. Some players find a particular method or style to fit their style and other players simply start playing from scratch. Whatever your personal preference, all guitarists should have fun playing. It’s worth noting that there are a variety of styles of guitar and that there are some common guitar styles, though there are also a variety of different guitar-playing styles.

The most common guitar-playing styles include rock, punk, swing and alternative styles which are most commonly associated with an acoustic guitar.

Instrumental guitarists tend to learn a variety of songs from a few different guitarists. In this case it’s more important to learn the style of music than the specific song. For example, if someone is learning to play the blues with a guy who plays tenor, he may learn a few chords for the first couple of lessons, however, he will likely not learn the most important chord of the song until the fifth. If he does, he will likely find the new chords to be a little boring and he may not notice that there are four chords in a song when he plays the first set of chords.

So, it’s up to the instructor or person teaching you how to learn the songs to decide what style to learn first. Most people find the method of playing a song to be more fun, easier to understand, and most likely the best and most enjoyable, so they do that first. This applies to learning an instrumental style as well as guitar types or to the method of playing the song.

Most guitarists can learn one or more of the following:









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If an instructor or musician only knows two or three songs, that person would probably learn those first. Rock, pop, rock and punk are easy to learn, you’ll find the chords in a matter of minutes. Then, the rest of the songs will be fairly easy for these first-time guitarists. Jazz has several chords that are easy to memorize, especially those that are common in jazz, so that’s where most students begin.

If an instructor can teach you what chords or chords are most commonly played and the common keys that go with those chords, most people will find the learning method of this sort of style to be relatively easy.

Punk rock is very hard to learn when

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