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What are the best guitar lessons?

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Pit Bull Attack Victim Wants Out of Prison as ‘He’d be Better Off’

One month ago Pit Bull Attack Victim Jovanka Brown decided she just couldn’t take the vicious dog anymore. On Wednesday she will be able to say she finally won her fight against the pit bull.

Brown was attacked by the dog while she was outside with her 5 children the morning of August 15. She was beaten so badly that she needed 20 stitches. She has since lost her right eye.

The pit bull was the source of much ire when it was taken from her family, but the woman’s lawyer said he thought the dog would have to be put down. As the pit bull was left to be euthanized, Brown is now hoping she can be released from jail.

Judge Rolf Cagle told Brown’s case, “This is a matter of the family trying to get justice. You have demonstrated in court that you want nothing to do with the dog.”
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She was released with the condition that she gets psychological counseling, and pay $2,000 bail. According to the local Fox affiliate she plans to start going to the vet to get her wound removed.

“It’s a pretty amazing feat,” she adds: “It’s almost like there’s a second law of physics and we just don’t notice it.”

With the recent launch of his “Dancing with the Stars” reboot, Ryan Reynolds is proving that Hollywood isn’t the only

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