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Learn music theory or learn a technique. The main purpose of music theory is to identify the structure and sound of a piece. The basics (which are usually written off as basics) are the notes and the chords that go with them. As you learn techniques, it helps you learn how to use your own music to make your own sound and to expand your musical vocabulary. In the long run, this kind of music theory is going to give you a strong foundation that will allow you to develop your abilities in any area.

What should I do first on guitar?

There are many ways to get started, and here is what I would suggest:

Start with a guitar that will be played often by you. When you have a guitar that is going to be played often by you, you can start practicing songs from your favorite bands, and that will help you stay motivated. Learn as many scales and tunings as you can. This will help you hear how you can extend your range on the guitar by playing around. Read up on scales and chord progressions. Take courses in any music tech. Learn any book you like on guitar chords.

Why isn’t this more common? What do you have to say?

I want people to have access to music theory and the ability to play scales and chords in their own style. I don’t want people to feel like they need to know all the chords and scales and they will end up playing something with an “o-ring” in the middle.


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