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We’ve all experienced the feeling you get when listening to an original song, the first time you play it for the first time. Many of us have the urge to just go play it immediately. It’s just there in the background of your mind… and that might lead you down a road towards overthinking in how you play songs.

When you’re first learning about guitar music, be open-minded to the music you hear and listen to. Don’t focus on the sound or your body, but rather focus on the way it feels on your fingers. Try a scale first, and then a progression. I always recommend going through that first progression and practice each line a few songs each. As you play more and more, take your time and learn your chops.

What’s the best music I’ve ever heard that I can’t play?
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I’m not talking a specific song. We all can sing some great melodies and melodies. Even the song “One More Dance” has a good melody and a great dance beat and a great beat for dance. What I’m asking you to do is, learn how to play the songs I mentioned earlier in the article. If it’s not there yet, ask questions, find out what you’ve forgotten or you just need to go back and listen to them the best you can.

The key is to practice them. No-one can sit with you and talk you through every sound and movement they can think of, just do it! Just try.

Any tip you would like to share with the Guitar Teacher community?

For the first time I’m posting a free eBook on youtube here, with over 700+ lessons. The Guitar Teacher community has helped me a ton when it comes to my learning process. I’ve had great people on my team help me out, which makes it much more enjoyable to spend your time.

I’ve got a lot of material to share and if you want to support this, you can find all the songs, tabs, and lessons on my Youtube Channel here.

Do you have a lesson that could be helpful to the readers?

I have a few songs that I always play, but it’s rare for them to come up at this point. If my readers could tell everyone that they know that they know I would appreciate that a lot. Maybe just email me:

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