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-Guitar has got a special place in my heart because I’m not into playing anything else other than guitar.

What’s the hardest guitar to play?

-Hardest guitar to play, for me, is the acoustic guitar because it’s more difficult to play and I find I have a harder time adjusting to it.

What can I learn just by looking at me?

-Just looking at my face can tell you a lot about the type of person I am and I use to think too much about my mistakes and how you’ll sound on the next one.

Can I be a good person?

-Yes! I promise!

Do you have any special abilities?

-Yes, I can do things you can’t! I know the names of the ingredients I use to make our coffee (I’m an aficionado). Also, I can play the drums (like a drummer) and do the guitar while doing all the stuff on stage and it’s all just really funny to watch.

What’s the reason for you wearing your hair up in a ponytail?

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-If the band wants us to stay in the shadows, I’m going to do what we want. People can see that we are serious, so we decided to pull it off. And we like to feel a connection with our fans, it’s a really nice feeling.”

What’s your favourite food?

-It’s definitely a mix of things, it’s quite a combination. I’m quite fond of Italian food although I’m quite fond of sushi here in China (she’s from Shanghai). I also like Thai food and Greek food, there are loads of great restaurants around here.

Do you miss China? Has the Chinese Revolution changed anything for you?

-I miss China, I mean that country is so foreign and I feel so lost. It’s not been like that before! I think the revolution is just so different. But for me, there are plenty of positives in the revolutions that it brought like the Internet and a realisation that you can change something for the better. China did an amazing thing for everyone. Even though it had it’s limitations, I think it’s great to see that it can be changed. But I miss my old life, I miss the friends that I’ve made and I’ve lost quite a bit.

-For me, it’s been really hard to find that balance in my life. I

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