How long does it take to learn acoustic guitar? – How To Learn Guitar For Beginners

Well, there’s no way to give you a specific answer to that question. All you know is that what you hear is in your head—and it depends on your learning style (if any). Many people say it takes between seven and 10 years to learn an instrument. (Even then, that’s the one thing that will really vary from person to person).

That’s the biggest thing: the ability to learn any instrument can never be guaranteed. You will not only learn on time, but you will learn it well. But most players—or many of them—do not want to spend ten years learning a “simple” instrument like the electric guitar unless they are certain their level of performance in the future will make it worthwhile. In this particular case, if you can’t perform on your instrument at a high level, then all you are doing is adding noise or other things that may not make up for it on some particular days.

A very interesting part of learning an instrument, however, is that one can do quite a lot of “testing” to make sure that one can produce even a little bit of sound. This sounds silly on paper, but this is a real possibility if you don’t have the right ears. Some players will try things in different settings, and sometimes even play “without” hearing what happens in the recordings. Others will listen to the recordings and compare their results with what other guitarists are playing. As a guitarist, you will learn by listening to other guitarists and hearing what they like and dislike about the way an instrument sounds.

Here are some interesting “tests” I have done recently to find out where one can play the best I have yet heard (from playing a few tracks):

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—In “Razor’s Edge,” a great track by The National, I found that my low B flat on the A string was too quiet, while the high E flat could drive you very crazy. This gave me good, open chords, so much so that I decided it was worth getting better. With a small string set, all I had to do was set the string too loud and hit that high E on G string, and that’s it! I was able to play this track really fast, and there was no way for anyone to tell that I was playing the track on my own. Another track I played where nobody even heard my notes except me… It was a short, low-gain, “classic rock” version… Then I noticed my A on D string

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