Who is the best YouTube guitar teacher?

I would really like to see some real guitar teachers, and not any of those lame teachers who only do a one way, a one time thing. I really like teaching kids on the computer. I think it’s the coolest thing. I really like how kids learn by thinking, and how they feel and how they learn from listening. When they go to classes, they see pictures on their computer screen. They can play some real music and play the notes on their keyboards and they get a really accurate feeling.

My kid’s first guitar was a Yamaha R-25. We went to a place and she learned the finger positions that they teach in there. It took her a few minutes to get used to. But I got more comfortable playing it than I did playing the other things they had in their shop. She got an instrument that wasn’t that high priced, but for her, it was awesome! She’s a very hard worker, and I love how she stays on the same path from day to day.

What is your YouTube channel?

All the kids have their own channel now, and I started the one where I teach children as young as five. I did a lot of video series around that one, some of it with all new kids. Some of it with old kids who knew a lot more stuff than we did, and I think it’s a really cool series. All these kids are my students, I teach them music and some videos of how they learn, but there’s nothing different from what I do as a parent.

What has been your favorite video you’ve made on YouTube for your students?

One of my favorite video has to be the “Axe of Steel.” They’re all so cool. They are such little people. I want them to know that they can be whatever they want to be, if they do good with it. That was the first video I ever made for them, they watched it for the first time, they loved it, didn’t understand what it was, and then I created a whole other series about Ax, and they loved it so much, they wanted to be Ax.

Can kids learn from YouTube videos?

Yeah. They can be what they want to be, and it’s kind of cool that it shows how people learn. When I do the series, I go through some pretty bad grades myself, because many of my students will get some weirdness or they’ll get some real bad grades, and I can see