What is a fair price for guitar lessons?

That is the difficult question! If you are planning on doing lessons for a large number of people then you may be looking at a high price. Our pricing is based upon a lot of factors. The price you pay depends on the services and other costs incurred such as: the equipment needs of the students, who is helping out, the staff that are assisting them, and how long they are expected to continue to work on each lesson (how long do students like to take lessons?) .

The way to see what the different prices mean is to firstly consider all prices together and secondly consider one of the factors that affect the final price: the number of lessons or the number of lessons expected each term.

As you can see below –

There are a number of factors that are important in deciding what you should be paying for the course:

Equipment and equipment costs per lesson,

Staff who help out in each lesson and in what capacity,

The number of teachers working on each lesson (what time they are available, on their own time and with other people, that they can be trusted to teach and to teach well) ,

, Teaching hours per lesson (how many hours they must be available – if there is an early bird discount this can be taken into account as well as other times, the first one starts each week.

How many lessons there will be per term and –

Which courses will be offered as well as the price (the lower the price the higher the volume of lessons the students will attend.

The different models of lessons (what is offered in each and the price per lesson)

What is included

What if I like to do solo lessons and how much will that cost per lesson?

So what you choose to do with the lessons will make a big difference to how much you will be able to pay for these lessons.

Some offer single lessons or sessions with a teacher you choose.

This can be a very profitable option for most students – as the lesson costs themselves after the student spends a few minutes, the lesson is essentially paid for in full.

For solo lessons the only other form of payment which you can use are in the form of cash back to help increase your income.

Others offer multiple lessons on different subjects.

This is a popular option for most students.

There a a lot of options available for those that are willing to do solo lessons.

You could choose a