What are the 6 types of voices? – How To Sing Better Instantly

1. The voice of our emotions: We hear feelings like fear, happiness, sadness, pride, and happiness.

2. The voice of our thoughts: We hear thoughts like fear, boredom, and happiness.

3. The voice of our body: We hear body sensations like pain, warmth, and pleasure.

4. The voice of our thoughts: Thoughts are about experiences and situations, whether it be your goals, beliefs, etc.

5. The voice of our body: We feel body sensations like pain, warmth, and movement.

6. The voice of our mind: There is no speech.

Why do you think the human race is here?

The people of the world are not born here. Those who left their homes and migrated to the lands of other cultures are the ones who first colonized the Earth.

Why do many people think they are the most powerful?

Because they are the people who have experienced the greatest amount of power. They think, “The Earth is mine, it belongs to me, I have all the power.”

What is the origin of Earth?

Earth is in an eternal circle, moving between the sun and the center of mass. It has seven concentric stages. The circle of Earth rotates around the center of mass on its outer and inner sides. The central axis of the Earth has an orbital period of about 18,450,000 years. The center of Earth is about 9345,000 km. It is one meter beneath the surface of the Earth.

Who is the greatest man to have lived?

Mullah Mohammad Ali Jinnah. According to the Quran, he is the leader of the Muslim Ummah. He is the first to unite the Ummah through peaceful means. He was the head of the Jinnah National Movement (JNM), the organization that united Muslims across the globe.

Why do you call yourself a leader?

I choose to be a leader because I believe I can use my talents to bring a greater level of development for people of Earth and the human race.

What is your greatest achievement?

Being able to change the attitudes and behaviors of the human race. That is my greatest achievement. I am proud to say that I am the first leader elected from a Hindu Nation.

Who do you work for?

My work is funded through private donations and grants from the Earth Day Foundation.

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