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I bet you can already guess which side it comes on. The same is true of the C.U.-V’s. The C.U.-V is very similar to the C.V. and the C.S.-II. It may have less range due to its smaller diameter and the fact that you don’t have the benefit of the C.S.-II’s ability to fire multiple shots at once, but the C.U.-V’s have all the features of the C.S.-II’s. It also sports the same range of motion as the C.S.-II, but with a small difference in the overall height of the gun and a longer range, so that you don’t have to hold it so low from your shoulder. However, the more advanced C.U.-V’s do have one major disadvantage. They don’t have the ability to fire many shots without moving, or without getting rid of one bullet before reaching the target. A C.S-II is always in one position for every shot. This makes them very difficult to use effectively. C.S.I.V. The C.S.-II is more similar to a C.U.-V, and the C.S.I.P. is a slightly lower-caliber C.S.IV. Both are very close to the C.I.V. and C.C.R. and the C.S.IV’s are a little further away, but a C.S.-II is also a little faster than a C.I.V. and can fire several rounds without putting itself in a crouching position, or without moving until the last shot. If you know the C.I.V., if you know the C.I.P., and if you know the C.S.-II, then you know how to use the C.S.-IV and C.I.V. They are both effective firearms at both short and long distances. The C.S.-I.V. will have superior armor-piercing and ballistic and even more powerful shells depending on the situation, but it might also take longer to aim. For that reason, the C.S.-I.V. is the gun of choice when you want to stay in cover, but not for long. There’s another small difference between the C.I.V. and the C.S.IV. The C.C.R. is an improved version of the C.I.V.,

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