How many megapixels is our eyes?

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The answer to this is a lot! What’s the largest single image ever printed on a single sheet of paper? Well, we can’t be sure because that would be impossible, but one source claims that it’s the largest image on earth.

An image that’s the same size twice? It’s almost the same size twice again. How about a superimposing of two pictures? No problem, a single photograph and a pair of images are all three times bigger than the original.

We’re a little late to the party (we mean, it’s the week of October 19th, but who gives a shit how this happens?) but we’re happy to announce that all of these great, free movies you heard about before were real and you can watch now:


Crimson Tail The Lost Boys (2006)

“We’ve made this movie for you and there will never be a better film than this one.” – Jeff Bridges

It’s pretty much the perfect example of a great movie, a high-quality film with a great cast, and a great script, written by Jeff Bridges (The Office, The Bridges To San Simeon) and starring Brad Dourif (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Last Samurai).


The Lost Boys has been a great success and is now the most watched movie in our site’s history. It’s available to rent, with a special offer that gets you one year of the movie free.

Kung Fu Panda 3 The Great Kung Fu Adventure (2011)

“The whole Kung Fu Panda trilogy has been amazing.” – Matt Damon


We’ve talked about this trilogy several times and we love It, it’s one of the absolute best movies, and they’ve teamed up to make more. We’re proud to have them on our site and have a whole bunch of free stuff from them:

There is no finer cinematic experience than watching a great action movie. So if you want to dive in head first, and have tons of fun while you’re at it, you should give the three installments of the Kung Fu Panda Trilogy a shot.


The Amazing Spider Man The Complete Fifth Season (2013)

The fifth season of The Amazing Spider-Man (aka the best series ever made) is a phenomenal collection of the best films from the series, from which we picked the movies we liked to watch on our lists of the top five films of all time