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A bill to legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina has met resistance from Republicans, who say it would increase state spending and endanger the privacy rights of a vulnerable population.

Rep. Mike Pitts, R-Greensboro, introduced HB 942 last year, which would amend the state constitution to allow certain conditions such as pain from cancer or AIDS to be treated with medicinal marijuana and reduce the penalties for possession. The bill was a response to the federal government’s rejection of a North Carolina medical marijuana initiative.
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“The state of North Carolina stands with the medical marijuana community and applauds the recent passage of House Bill 942,” said Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a Republican who introduced the law into the house. “While the proposed state Constitution amendment addresses some of the issues surrounding medical marijuana, it makes no change to the state’s current laws regarding its use for medical conditions like pain or seizure disorders.”

Although Republican lawmakers largely approved the bill, Pitts, a former Republican state senator, did not receive enough supporters to override a likely veto, and the law was subsequently vetoed by a Republican governor.

“I’m not very optimistic to see the legislature vote today,” said Chris Herron, executive director of the Raleigh chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. “It’s always a difficult proposition to get legislation passed. It’s unfortunate that that hasn’t happened with medical marijuana. I think the medical community will say this is a step in the right direction, but the bill has not been well-written, but I will say from my experience there are some good provisions in there and a lot of things can be debated about the constitution or how the state is going to treat patients.”

While there may be no one state that is on the verge of legalizing marijuana, other states are moving ahead. On Thursday, two bills that would end a ban on medical marijuana in Vermont and Colorado were approved.

Other North Carolina bills pending before the legislature include legislation to give people with cancer the option

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